National Chair Elections
Click here to submit a nomination for the WELS Handbell Festivals National Chairperson. Nominations are due October 15, 2019.

Election Information
  • A national chair is elected in the year that national festivals are held. Candidates for this office must have three years of ringing and/or directing experience within the last five years. They are to have participated in two handbell festivals.
    • Term of office for national chair is three years. Length of service is limited to two consecutive terms or six years.
    • After serving six years, this person is not eligible to serve in this office for six years.
  • Nominations for national chair may be made by directors and ringers who have participated in past festivals. Consent of the nominee must be obtained before his or her name appears on the ballot. 
  • Ballots are sent via mail or e-mail to congregations who have registered for national festival and to congregations who have participated in one regional festival during previous two years. A ballot committee counts ballots and announces results at the directors’ meeting. The candidate having greatest number of votes is elected.
National Chair Duties
  • Chair meetings of the WELS Handbell Festival committee and directors’ meetings at national festivals
  • Appoint annually one regional representative to serve as secretary
  • Appoint annually a treasurer who may be a regional representative or member at large (one person may serve no longer than six consecutive years as treasurer)
  • Communicate with congregations concerning festivals
  • Communicate annually with congregations reports by treasurer and auditing committee
  • Maintain a current list of WELS and ELS congregations and schools with handbells, including mailing addresses and e-mail addresses
  • Receive and store secretaries’ and treasurers’ files
  • Oversee and update website of WELS Handbell Festivals
  • Share information with regional representatives
  • Submit announcements to Forward in Christ
  • Submit information about WELS Handbell Festivals, including music selected for festivals, to WELS Commission on Worship
  • Oversee all other matters relating to WELS Handbell Festivals